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Updated: 02/02/2022 at 5:26 pm

Inbound Call Center

Most dissatisfied customers don't bother to complain — they simply move their business to a competitor. Our inbound call center is a non-intrusive way to conduct customer assistance research, leading to improved service and higher customer retention. We act as a searchable archive for consumer complaints. No longer do customers have to wait around for a manager or fit their grievances on a tiny comment card.

With our inbound call center, dissatisfied customers can contact your company through us at their convenience. They will reach an unbiased and sympathetic interviewer who will carefully and comprehensively delve into each customer's particular concern. Imagine the changes you can make to your customer service team when you have detailed and specific complaints at your fingertips.

SCI's inbound call center provides more than customer service research. Outsourcing your telephone services allows you to re-focus your attention on running and improving your organization or business. Quantify how much of your resources are spent on the phone, providing customer service, product support, messaging and scheduling. SCI takes the burden off your staff in an economically efficient and professional manner.

For political campaigns and political office holders, the inbound call center is a convenient and cost-effective way to gather opinions from your constituents or potential constituents. Simply print one of our toll-fee numbers on your informational flyer or push card and we'll compile the opinions that will get you elected or make you an effective representative.

The inbound call center offers the following:

  • Automatic display of your organization's greeting, product or service description, talking points, pricing, schedule, and other customized information.
  • Polite and professional market research staff
  • No more sending busy or dissatisfied consumers to an automated message.

For a limited time, SCI is offering a 20% discount on programming for our inbound call center service. Contact us or request a quote today.