For over two decades, SCI has conducted both quantitative and qualitative data collection services for market research and political polling firms across America. Additionally, because of the size of our call center in Louisiana, we are often retained to perform ID/GOTV (Identification/Get Out The Vote) services for our advocacy and political clients, in addition to our advanced voter poll services.

SCI has extensive experience with the following:

Advertisement Testing
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Employee Satisfaction
Governmental Agencies
Health Care Organizations
Litigation Consulting
Medical Practices
Non-profit Groups
Political Campaigns

As to quantitative work, our organization employs CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) technology for all polling and public opinion projects from our in-house call center. SCI's state of the art computer system provides the following benefits:

  • 70 stations for quick turn around on those large projects;
  • computer controlled quotas (to obtain a truly representative sample);
  • timely access to data as well as daily reporting; and
  • the ability for clients to listen to research calls in progress.

In the last year alone, SCI was responsible for over 387,000 telephone interviews; 19,000+ exit interviews; 16,000+ secret shops; and 760,000+ web-based surveys. Additionally, for clients of our Information & Referral Services™ division, SCI received and processed a little over 775,000 toll-free calls last year. And for our advocacy groups and political clients, we made just at 630,000 ID/GOTV live-person phone calls.

With respect to qualitative projects, SCI has one of the most advanced focus group facilities in the Gulf South, and the largest in Louisiana. We have assisted numerous clients with political and communications campaigns, advertisement testing, product evaluation, and other issues across various industries.

Additionally, if your firm is even thinking about political polling, ID/GOTV, or other market research in Louisiana, remember that Louisiana has a rich cultural and political heritage AND voters whose names are difficult to pronounce. The professional interviewers under SCI's control won't insult and perhaps bias voters by mispronouncing names.

During the critical interviewing (data collection) process, we know that when we see . . .

RICHARD - it's ree-shard not 'richard'
HEBERT - it's a-bear not 'hee-bert'
GREMILLION - it's grim-e-on not 'gre-million'
THIBODAUX - it's tib-a-doe not 'thib-o-docks'
DUGAS - it's do-ga not 'do-gas'
ISTRE - it's east not 'is-tray'
BREAUD - it's bro not 'broad'
LeBLANC - it's lay-blaw not 'lee-blank'
MELANCON - it's ma-law-saw not 'mellon-con'
etc., etc.

We have an in-depth understanding of the data collection and market research industries and would like to work for you. We hope we'll have the opportunity to provide you with a cost quote for an upcoming project. I hope you will give SCI a chance to show you what we can do; you won't regret it.