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Updated: 02/02/2022 at 5:26 pm

Litigation Research Project Facility Rental

SCI recognizes the complexity and uncertainty that often face attorneys as they prepare for trial. We offer tested and proven assistance through jury group research services by providing a smooth and worry-free focus group facility rental process.

We maintain the largest focus group facility in Louisiana, with three rooms set up for your use. Our traditional focus group room is set up conference-style, behind one way glass. We have two other focus group rooms to accommodate between 20 and 50 mock jurors. Your staff can observe the deliberations from behind the glass, or on live streaming video monitors in our comfortable observation room.

Our professional and courteous staff coordinates all facets of your rental and hosting. Because our facility was built specifically for focus and jury groups, you do not have to worry about renting multiple rooms, coordinating and setting up audio/video equipment, or providing refreshments to your mock jurors and associates.

Renting SCI's facility allows you to focus on the more important aspects of preparing for trial. Take the opportunity to concentrate on your case, while we handle the intricacies of running a smooth and effective jury group.

The Process

Working with our staff is simple and enjoyable, as we are always willing to assist.

At your option, SCI can handle recruiting for your mock jury groups. We have been recruiting research participants in Louisiana and the Gulf South for almost 27 years and have unparalleled expertise in the region. Our "show" rates (the rate at which recruited participants actually appear for a group) are higher than average, contributing to our reputation as a company that gets the job done.

On the day of your group(s), our friendly and proficient jury group coordinators will create an inviting and unbiased environment for your mock jurors and associates. SCI hosts/hostesses check in your mock jurors, hand out and collect questionnaires, set out and clear away meals (anything from continental breakfasts, to boxed lunches, to piping hot dinners are available), provide light administrative assistance, and distribute participant incentives - all on your tight schedule.

Price Information

SCI's facility rental is provided in 2-hour increments. If you choose SCI to recruit your mock jurors, SCI will handle participant incentives (SCI can handle participant incentives, upon request, if you have conducted the recruitment yourself). DVD recording and food are priced separately.

For detailed and formal information about pricing, please contact us by submitting a quote request at https://ssl.sciresearch.com/request/ or by calling us at 225.928.0220 or 800.695.0221.