Why was I asked to take a survey?

Because your opinion is important.

Data collection is an essential part of business, government, and any other successful organization. It allows consumers, constituents and other interested people to give feedback, praise, and criticism about products and services. SCIhas been performing data collection across the United States for over 2 decades.

At SCI we understand that you are vital to our industry. We need and respect your opinions, and by providing them to us, you help shape the companies and organizations that provide you with goods and services.

If you'd like to provide your opinions for data collection purposes, please sign up for our focus group database. We are always seeking interested people to let us in on their attitudes and interests regarding products, services, and issues. SCIis not a telemarketing organization. We will never try to sell you something.

Know that SCIis commited to performing ethical data collection. We will maintain your confidentiality and use your opinions in the most responsible manner. Your information will only be used for research purposes and never sold to a third party. Please feel free to have a look at our Privacy Policy.